Virtual & In Person Therapy Services


Sharron Leach

My passion for horses and riding were the driving force behind my journey to becoming a therapist which began some fourteen years ago. Horses are gentle, sensitive and sentient beings who often have a pretty tough time in the world of humans. Over the years I have learned from and trained with some exceptional horse men and women from many parts of the world.

Horses, like people, don’t fare well with aggression, dominance, harsh handling, being blamed, rejected, abandoned or made to feel wrong or not good enough.

Horses, like people do fare very well with patience, understanding, empathy, kindness, feeling heard and understood, being made to feel important and that they matter and are good enough.

Humans and horses both thrive and become their best when their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs are met.

 I qualified as a therapist through the East Anglian Institute of Hypnotherapy headed by John Plester (Principal Tutor, Master NLP Practitioner and Trainer, Director of Training @UK Institute of Thought Field Therapy) and Mike Buckley ( Internal Verifier). In addition to Hypnotherapy, the fully comprehensive training and education included the use of psychotherapy in practice along with Neuro Linguistic Programming and Thought Field Therapy in order to bring about positive change to those who are finding life difficult.

Blending these psychotherapeutic modalities in my private practice enables me to extend my ethos of allowing you a safe space in which you feel seen, heard and understood. This allows you to process the challenges you’re finding difficult and discharge the negative emotions which keep you feeling stuck and overwhelmed. I see the whole person in front of me not just their symptoms or a diagnosis.

My learning never stops and I continue to attend trainings, lectures and seminars from many influential therapists, doctors, psychologists and change makers in the world of mental health and personal growth. I never stop learning and growing so I can always offer the best experience for you in your time of need.  Recent CPD has included The Neuroscience of Autism, The science of Attachment Theory and completing the Trauma Informed Certificate for Coaches.