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Sharron Leach Therapist


Are you feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, worry, or fear? You’re not alone. Anxiety is a natural response to stress, but when it becomes constant and overwhelming, it can disrupt your life and happiness. I’m here to help you find the peace and balance you deserve.


Are you or a loved one struggling with the heavy burden of depression? It’s time to find your way back to the vibrant life you deserve. I’m dedicated to supporting and guiding you towards emotional well-being so you can find the relief you need to feel happy and content within yourself.

Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours

Do you find yourself in the relentless cycle of obsessive behaviours? Are they taking a toll on your life, work and relationships and well-being?
There are very good reasons for these behaviours showing up so let’s work together to reveal the underlying cause and then find solutions towards healing and freedom.

Low Self Worth / Esteem

If you’re struggling with low self-worth, you’re not alone. If it’s causing you to retract from living a fulfilling life then I have good news for you.
I can provide you with the knowledge, tools and support you need to gain a whole new perspective on your lack of self-worth enabling you to feel free to live a more fulfilling, engaging and authentic life.

Childhood Trauma

Are you or a loved on struggling with the effects of a dysfunctional childhood. You’re not alone and there is hope for healing.
I know first -hand the pain of childhood trauma so I’m particularly passionate about guiding, supporting and encouraging you towards achieving a sense of relief, of inner peace and healing from the deep seated pain. The outcome of us working together will bring about a positive new outlook on yourself and your life.

Couples Therapy

Are you seeking a stronger, healthier and more fulfilling connection with your partner? Do you find yourself facing challenges that seem insurmountable?
I can help you understand the complexities of a relationship and guide you towards a happier and more harmonious love life.
If you are facing challenges right now, I highly recommend reaching out for help sooner rather than later before the point of no return is reached, particularly if you have young children.


Are you struggling to control your anger? Do your emotions spiral out of control impacting your relationships, work and overall quality of life?
Let me help you understand the reasons anger shows up for you and more importantly help you find solutions to control the anger so it doesn’t control you. When you let go of anger it improves all areas of your life which is priceless.