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When we talk about addiction we usually think in terms of street drugs, alcohol, smoking, sex and gambling but there are many others. These particular addictions are typically judged to be anti-social on some level. We can’t understand why people choose to participate in these destructive habits. In some instances they can indeed be very destructive. Some m causing physical or verbal abuse, stealing, lies, dishonesty, broken relationships, serious health issues etc etc.

 But do people really choose to take part in these addictive behaviours??

Why would they do that?

Many other habits which are also addictions are not normally put in the same category as the ones mentioned above. These addictions are deemed more acceptable by society and some of these include shopping, mobile phone use, chocolate, sugar and working.   

It doesn’t matter what the addiction is they are all behaviours we exhibit in order to compensate for our unmet needs. They are ways we keep our deep seated emotional wounds repressed or supressed.

This is not a judgement on anyone.

We all have emotional experiences we find difficult to express for fear of being rejected by our friends and loved ones. No one wants to be rejected and so we condition ourselves to keep the emotional wounds buried and keep up the pretence that we’re ok when the reality is, we’re not ok.

Addictions of any kind are not a choice. It makes no difference if the addiction is legal or not they all serve the same purpose. They are powerful ways we engage with to soothe ourselves. Unfortunately some are incredibly harmful to the point of being life or death situations for some and others may end up with a term in prison.

Typically not put in the category of addiction include things like depression and all forms of anxiety such as OCD, PTSD, GAD, self-harm, anger, eating disorders etc.  These are the symptoms of emotional wounds, ways in which we try to cope and make ourselves feel better. These are just as destructive as the more commonly acknowledged forms of addictions but are addictions none the less.

Most addictions are a result of trauma, mostly from our childhood and this trauma is perceived by the mind and body as a threat, we feel unsafe. Safety is our highest priority as a human. We cannot function optimally if we feel unsafe mentally, emotionally or physically.

Trauma happens in many ways and is not necessarily intended or malicious. It can be physical, mental or emotional trauma it all has some degree of effect on the person or child experiencing it and at some point it will be expressed in some unhelpful way……an addiction!

 Addictions cannot be resolved by medication or punishment!

When we take the time to learn what drives these addictive behaviours, to explore how we have within us a tremendous innate capacity to heal ourselves and when we choose to become the architect of our own health we can free ourselves from the emotional prison we unwittingly keep ourselves in.

Whatever your starting point is with addiction I’m here to help you so, Contact  me today.