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Overcoming Anxiety & Depression

In order to overcome anxiety and depression, you have to believe there is hope for you to do so. As the saying goes, ‘whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can’t… are right! By seeking the correct help you can absolutely set yourself up for success.

95% of what we do is directed by our subconscious mind. We could not function if we had to consciously think about everything we do. Once something has been learned by the conscious mind, most often by repetition, it is quickly transferred to your subconscious mind. Take tying your shoe laces. Once you learn this as a young child, you don’t have to keep re-learning it. It gets transferred to your subconscious mind so you can then perform the task without thinking. Just imagine what our life would look like if we didn’t have our subconscious mind to store all the data.

The thing is, some of the data stored in the subconscious mind is not actually accurate. It may in fact be untrue or a lie but the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is not and the conflict it causes you can be overwhelming. So much so for some people that they start to experience depression or anxiety or both.

The brain distorts the reality of your thoughts, behaviour and beliefs.

People feeling depressed often believe there is no hope of a future based on their past and they have much evidence to back this up.

People with anxiety believe the worst is going to happen and they won’t cope. Their brain goes in to overdrive and the body reacts with a panic attack.

This is of course a simplified explanation of what goes on. The reality is somewhat more involved but although the reason for each person experiencing these issues is different, the causes are much the same.

Your brain has an emotional side and an intellectual side. When something upsets you, it’s your emotional side which wins….every time. It’s the same when you fall in love with someone. The love of your life may not treat you very well but if you love them you will take the abuse even though your intellectual brain might be telling you to get out of the relationship. Your emotional or feeling brain, wins!

People often talk about ‘triggers’ for their anxiety or depression. I totally understand where their thinking comes from and what I like to do is to get the client to a place where s/he can’t be triggered by anything. Living your life trying to avoid being triggered is a stressful way to live.

For every emotion you experience in your mind, be it good or bad, your body will have a physical reaction. Butterflies in your tummy, sweaty palms, the need to visit the loo, smiling, crying, laughing etc.

Your body and your mind work together to keep you safe. They are absolutely amazing and understanding how they work is a powerful key to overcoming depression and anxiety. Once you can control how your mind thinks, your body will align with it and calm will be restored in your life. Overcoming anxiety and depression is a process and not a quick fix but with the right support you can turn your life around for the better and experience the happiness you’re searching for.

If you are reading this just know that you are AMAZING and if you don’t feel like that right now, know that it is possible to feel this way by working with me so  Contact  me today to find out how I can help you.