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The Art Of Letting Go

Depression, anxiety, OCD,PTSD, Childhood Trauma, addictions, low self-worth and failing relationships are all SYMPTOMS which show up when things are not right in your life. If you continue to look for solutions outside of your-self these symptoms will not be resolved. Looking for solutions within YOUR-SELF is the way towards a happier life, one where you have the capacity to write the terms and conditions for your future.

This future starts with learning The Art of Letting Go!

Letting go of thoughts and feelings which cause us pain is an art. It takes practice.

Before we can begin The Art of Letting Go, we need to face how we came to be feeling anxious and depressed in the first place and this often brings up resistance.  The ability to face the pain and frustration of what we are experiencing is often terrifying because it means we have to reveal our vulnerability and this is something we typically guard ferociously. We are not good at being vulnerable as it brings up feelings of fear. Fear of being judged, found out and exposed for not being enough.

With gentle and compassionate enquiry the resistance we hide behind can be examined, understood and accepted for what it is…..a mechanism we use to keep us emotionally safe and feeling safe is a priority which must not be underestimated.

Once a client understands their resistance is actually a safety issue and is a perfectly normal response to what they are experiencing, emotional shifts start to happen. They soften and become more able to open up to new ways of thinking, of seeing things differently and with my guidance, can finally start letting go of the thoughts and beliefs which have been keeping them stuck in a dark place for so long. The Art of Letting Go takes a little practice but soon becomes a really useful, lifelong habit.

The Art of Letting Go is simple but not always easy to do. In the beginning it may feel uncomfortable because it is so foreign to us but the benefits can be huge if you put your trust in the process and yourself!

Here is what some of my clients have reported back to me:

I have never been so calm in all my adult life – MH-Stowmarket

You have opened my mind and my heart and I have you to thank for that. SV-Ipswich

After only a few appointments my daughter gained the confidence to believe in herself again and that she is in control – SB- Ipswich

After working with Sharron my anxiety decreased and I stopped having panic attacks! – KJC-Ipswich

100% recommend – JR- Colchester


If you would like to learn the art of letting go to improve your mental health please   Contact  me today.