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Who’s running the show?

Our subconscious mind is a stunningly powerful information processor which records all our life experiences and can play these back to us at any moment by the simple push of a button which we refer to as being triggered. Many people are triggered by the actions and words of others not knowing that their reaction is just a subconscious program to which they have been conditioned. So it’s actually our subconscious mind who is running the show!

The subconscious mind operates 95% of our everyday lives leaving just 5% for the conscious self to work with. The subconscious mind has little capacity for artistic expression and runs almost entirely on habits or pre-recorded stimulus responses. It’s running the show with very little effort from us.

When we learn new things like tying shoe laces, driving a car and getting dressed for example, we first have to consciously learn how to do these things and it takes effort and practice. Once learned however, the information is transferred to the subconscious mind who will run the show for us. Then we can perform these tasks without thinking and often while doing something else at the same time. 

The programs are installed in us from the environment we are born in to, our parents, family and teachers or caregivers etc. We hear them say things like ‘only good children deserve things’, ‘why can’t you be good like your sister/brother’, ‘don’t be so stupid’ etc. So, while you are enjoying playing with your friends or going out and having fun, it may only take one comment or action from someone to trigger the feelings of ‘I don’t deserve’ ‘I am stupid’ or ‘I am not good enough’ and the shame which is often attached to these feelings.

I recently had a client who explained how very hurt and upset she was that she had not been asked to be a bridesmaid at the wedding of a long term friend of hers. She spent the best part of a day crying because she was so upset.

My client knew consciously that it was up to the bride who she chose to be her bridesmaids. She also knew that she had not asked the friend to be her bridesmaid when she got married some years ago so, on the face of it there was no problem and yet she found herself crying and feeling rejected and not good enough.

 So why then was my client so upset by this event?

Her subconscious program who was running the show had been triggered. Her button had been pushed, her pre-recorded stimulus response had been activated……. And here’s where the program was installed….

The relationship my client had with her mother for many years both as a young child and a teenager was such that she continuously felt rejected, abandoned and never good enough, her mother preferring the company of an abusive man and alcohol. She really had faulty programs running her show!

When a child is brought up in this environment it’s no wonder their subconscious programming is detrimental to their mental health and will sabotage them again and again leaving them feeling completely worthless. These programs which are running the show are not just stored in our mind but also as a felt experience in our nervous system and they stay with us throughout our lives and unless we address them they will keep sabotaging us. They will keep us living in survival stress.m

These subconscious programs which keep us stuck are not even ours! They are formed from the limiting beliefs, fears, shame and hurt which our parents experienced and projected on to us. It’s not our parent’s fault though as they had similar programs running the show for them too.

The good news is that with guidance and help you can learn to replace these old programs with new ones of your choice. You can learn to run your own show from now on and ditch the faulty programs installed by others.

This can be an exciting time for personal growth, autonomy, peace and love…………….things we all crave and deserve!

When we learn to love and be kind to ourselves it opens up our hearts and minds to a whole new world, one that was there all the time, we just couldn’t see it and didn’t know how to access it!!

I want you to understand that

You are amazing

You are beautiful

You are loved


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